My dilemma…..

When I sit alone, which happens quite often nowadays, many thoughts gush into my mind. They range from very trivial matters to larger questions of, have I taken the right decision, am I going the right way, Is it going to satisfy me and my family or is everything is just going to fall apart. Its not that I don’t have confidence in me to make my decision right but sometimes it feels that the journey I have embarked upon might become too long for me to be focused.

Now when my classes are over I have to sit the whole day with my books and it sometimes really becomes frustrating. not because I don’t get what I am studying but thinking of the usefulness of what I am studying. It feels like I have wasted my 4 years doing my B-tech and that I tend to realize things very late. I realized late that I should get a placement from the college. Actually things have changed from the time I entered into the college compared to the time when I left it and I was quite late accessing the situation.

Yesterday I was watching a movie which let me question my worth, what have I achieved in my while life. Right now writing this so many thoughts are crossing my min that I am unable to pen them down.


Time to leave the cool-age(college)

It’s April,2015 and I am almost a graduate now. The so-called “best days” of my life will be over soon and I will enter into a new phase of life which requires me to be responsible and mature. These 4 years have been ‘good’, I said good and not ‘great’ because personally I feel I should have enjoyed more than I did. This doesn’t mean I did not enjoy, Its’ just that I could have done more. I played a bit safe, trying not to get involved in any trouble. When I was about to enter college life I expected a lot from it. I would get to see and do lots and lots of things without anyone to question.I always wanted my college to have very big campus. Unfortunately I got admitted into a college with a very small campus and most importantly very few girls. Now, this is the department in which I was particularly week at, I never had a girlfriend before this. Likewise I had many other aspirations which I thought the college life would give me an opportunity to fulfill. Indeed, I can tell you from my experience it gives you every bit of opportunity to do whatever you want to, but everything depends on you as how you take them. This particular blog is sort of what I would say to myself four years back, when I entered the college first.

Live your college life to the fullest do not hold yourself back from doing anything, anything here means anything. Try and explore every aspect of you personality, so that you find out what are the things you are capable of doing. It may so happen that you end up doing something which you never thought you would be able to. I have seen this happening to people, in-fact it happened to me even. Try your hand at every sport even though you don’t know it, this is the time to learn. Read whatever interests you, never bind yourself to the books of your curriculum. Try and know this world as much as possible, there’s a lot to know about in this world. Never get yourself fixed on one thing i.e. trying to excel in one thing and neglecting the others. This is even for studies, don’t put yourself too much into studies neglecting other extracurricular activities. If you chose to do so it will have a very bad effect on your overall personality. This is especially for me, try to get rid of the introvert nature of yours. I am not saying to be open yourself completely to everyone, I am also not saying that being an introvert makes you lesser than anyone. It’s just that extroverts find it lot easier to fit in even if there is no space.

The most important of all is don’t loose your identity.